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Is your family life getting lost in all the messiness of real life??
Are you overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, pressure, or fear?
How do we keep up with everything and prioritize our family relationships?

Download your 12-step guide for a thriving family culture.
Hi! I'm Jodi
Family Culture Expert, Life Coach, Podcaster, Entrepreneur
Jodi Chaffee is the founder of Our Modern Heritage Academy, LLC where she explores the significance of family culture in our modern society, and uses her unique background to help families design an intentional family culture of love, trust, unity, and strength.

Her weekly podcast interviews feature experts in a variety of fields offering strategies and resources for a successful family to thrive in a trust-driven environment. 
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What does it takes to have a successful family? It takes planning and trust. When Michael and I first got started, we thought "all you need is love" right? So, why do so many families fail?

I started asking myself how to thrive as a family struggling to make ends meet, figure out our vision, and raise successful kids. I didn't have all the answers. So, I decided to start asking people who did. What I have learned has changed my life, and my family!

Download your 12-step guide to a thriving family culture!
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